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Alright! Here are some rules o.o
1. It will be OU and have all the standard clauses (hax, sleep, species, and others)
2.It will be on Wi-Fi connection.
3. I will prolly donate a couple prizes, and maybe some others will donate some too. If you donate a prize then you have a free pass to the 2nd round.
4. If there is an odd number of people in a round then someone will get a by to the next round.
5. If someone cheats, or doesnt follow a rule then they will be DQ'd.
6. No rude language. You be DQ'd if you use such language.
7. Have fun! This is mandatory! (lol jk)
To sign-up, leave your name and friend code. Since I wanna join also, here's mine.
Name: Pokecole
FC: 0046-2993-3466
The signups will end on Nov. 4th

Entrants: Pokecole (FC: 0046-2993-3466), lunis (FC: 3224-5402-6613), ShinySalamance888 (FC:4040-5880-9203), GlaciaFox (FC:5286-4424-1079), Gonz0 (FC:1978-9745-0208), Akatsuki_no_Tenshi (FC:4770 7051 3788), GaryCarvalho (FC:4384-2906-6249), Elijah (FC:0862-3260-1629).

SIGNUPS HAVE ENDED! The tournament may start! I couldn't find a working bracket I could save, but here's who battles, they are random.

GaryCarvalho vs. Elijah; Winner: GaryCarvalho
ShinySalamance888 vs. lunis; Winner: lunis
Gonz0 vs. Pokecole; Winner: Gonz0 (by defalt)
GlaciaFox vs. Akatsuki_no_Tenshi; Winner: Akatsuki_no_Tenshi

Round Two!
lunis vs. Akatsuki_no_Tenshi; Winner: Akatsuki_no_Tenshi
Gonz0 vs. GaryCarvalho; Winner: GaryCarvalho

Akatsuki_no_Tenshi vs. GaryCarvalho

Due anytime, preferably quick since there is one battle.
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