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Anthony Hazen. That was the name of one of the four Energy wielders that arrived in Lindos. Anthony was a brute, as was quoted many times by his opponents. He was rash, impatient, and always looking to get in on the action. Andrey, his twin brother and one of the other four Energy wielders, was his exact opposite. In almost every way, in fact. They were always going at each other because of that. Yet right now, Anthony was in a good mood. He had recently signed up with the Primal Kingdom along with his brother because of pressure by the government in order to drop certain charges placed on them for their problematic behavior, most notably stealing energy from the Energy reserves in blank. He had yet to be in any real action yet, until they were assigned to take out guards of the now-dead ambassador to the First Republic, hiding now behind an energy barrier around a warehouse. He was hoping on the peace negotiations breaking down, and action happening, and boy, were his prayers answered.

"Come on out." He heard the female next to him say. She was one of the other two guards sent with them, Ahadi Kane was her name. She used a book to conduct her energy attacks. It was strange to Anthony, and he didn't think much of it. But nonetheless, he thought that she might have been getting a dent into the barrier. Irritated and bored, Anthony decided to get involved as well. He took out his axe, which at this time was about the size of a hatchet, and fused in his Red Will Energy into it. The axe increased in size a bit, the Red Will Energy glowing around it. The size was now that of a normal axe, one handed still, but plenty of room for improvement as his anger would rise, which might soon happen if the barrier would keep staying up. Joining the girl, Anthony smashed at the energy barrier around the warehouse loudly screaming as he did. The impact of his axe seemed to momentarily fuse with the energy of the barrier, and then push off. The axe was doing damage. He struck at it more, sending hit after hit at the energy barrier. It was clearly getting weakened now. It wouldn't be long now until they broke in. Anthony screamed back at his brother, his twin.

"Come on, Andrey! Don't just stand there like an as*! Come help with this barrier!" He screamed at his brother. He might have sounded angry, but that was just how he normally spoke to his brother.

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