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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
If we don't have a catch phrase and we are still working on it, then we are still working on a mascot xD. Lets get some Stunfisk if anything, it's just too winning. It's already got an awesome style so just make it the mascot.
We also have a Ralts theme, Yellow and the bros. theme, Red theme, Misty theme, Plusle theme, Green theme, Team Magma theme, Quilava theme, Ash theme, Dialga and Palkia theme, Ampharos theme, Delibird theme, Sentret theme, Conway theme, Pichu theme, Team Rocket theme, Dahlia theme, Herdier theme, and a Masquerain and another Pokemon I forgot theme. So if we're basing mascots on PC's styles, whose to say they can't be all PC's mascot? There might be more though, but my brain hurts just thinking about these. ;~;

I simple don't think PC ever needs a mascot. PC is fine, and has been fine, without a mascot. Wouldn't you think that people should've complained by now if having a mascot is such a big deal that if PC doesn't has one, it has to be fixed? Mascots doesn't define a forum.