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Oz was quite scared, he had never found himself in such a tricky situation. He's fought for the First Republic for not too long a time, but he's still seen some pretty wierd things and been in a hell of a lot of tricky situations, but this time it didn't seem likely he would live through.

He could tell they were getting closer, they were pounding the energy barrier. Those who if he's chosen another path could have been his allies, were slowly getting closer to killing him.

"Ahem... I... I have an... What is the word... I have an idea. My power... It can make us... Things. Small things that can run away and hide good. Um... Things like that," Marcus said.

Marcus, they had been allies for a while now, but he never really understood him. He knew he could use his power to change into a wolf, but that was about it.

Oz grabbed and squeezed his chain as he often did when he got nervous. He was beginning to feel desperate. Not a bad thing in his case, a slight blue glow formed around his chain and said chain began to lengthen, it would only get longer as Oz got more desperate.

Oz, those pigs in his homeland gave him that name, it stuck and thats what he'd introduced himself as, he wished he hadn't.

The name itself was a reminder of his past. That horrible day when his parents died...

OZs desperation grew and his chain and its glow grew with it. He didn't want to let his power out yet, it was very unpredictable and the first time he had used it he had killed alot of people by mistake. Granted they were pigs from the primal kingdom but still...

Oz turned back to Marcus.

He was gesturing towards some rats and Oz got an idea.

"You're saying you can make us like them? Small and quick and able to hide with ease?" Oz asked.
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