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"I'm not gonna get myself killed trying to make you happy!" He heard Kerin yell at him.

"Pah.." was the only response Ryuu issued back at him. He was a coward in Ryuu's eyes, but one way or another, he would get him to fight, he knew that. Ryuu turned back to look at the now charging Raike. Ryuu was thinking of the absurdity of a human charging at him. He was rather excited because of it. Holding his ground, he let the human do his worst, and so the human did, a kic directly to the face, which Ryuu took head on. It was actually a bit surprising. He never knew the humans could pack such a punch, but Raike was actually doing damage. Ryuu loosened his jaw a little from the impact as he heard Raike shout.

"Know your place!" At it was that line that got to him. He reached and grabbed for the leg of Raike, and held on tightly. He looked the human in the eyes as he spoke, words seeming to be filled with hatred, as sharp as daggers.

"I know my place, human. It's right on top, over your broken corpses. It you humans, and the rest of you who don't seem to know your place. Where you belong..." He said, starting to attempt to toss Raike with all of his might. "...IS BELOW MY FEET!" He said, as he tossed Raike towards a particular tree. Ryuu didn't wait around this time to see if the toss damaged Raike. Instead, he looked up at the particular tree to see Marisa there as well. He remembered suddenly that the vampire Kerin seemed to be attached to her. THAT was the best way of provocation.

He turned to look at Kerin now for a second, and pointed to the tree, where Marisa sat. Without another word, he pushed off of the ground, behind him leaving a dent in the ground where he once stood, and charged at the tree, where Raike was tossed and where Marisa sat, hoping in this attack to get both of them at once, and to possibly provoke Kerin into action as well. A maniacal smile was on his face as he screamed and charged, the full force of the Rhino coming at Raike and Marisa.

Right now, humans and vampires were going to know their place, Ryuu would make sure of it.

(OOC Hope I didn't seem to bunny Raike, I left room for if the toss injured you or not...lemme know if it's alright)

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