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Awesome, I'm really glad to see that everyone's cool with the merging idea. I'll wait until the morning in case other club members post in the meantime, and if everyone agrees I'll put in the request when I get up tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
Found a Wooper in Ruin Valley just a few minutes ago
Congrats!! And you just got one, too. *places Keruso back at bottom of luck queue*

Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
Here's the pic I told last time:
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Haha, nice! That's exactly who I'm going after, "lol." 280 resets so far - I'm lucky to get 50 done in a day, they take so long! Oh, and it's the Hot W! You should get something to put in your sig for a week or something. *goes to make a Hot W gif*

EDIT: I wonder how much I would have to pay people to look at this, let alone put it in their sigs:

And if you're wondering if this is the most hideous disgrace ever known to the world of art, you just might be right. My apologies to everyone who has a W in their name, likes fire, or has the least bit of respect for the alphabet and representations of motion. :cer_laugh:
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