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Quote originally posted by MichaelaTheUchiha:
Watchman is still unable to come on because of being grounded, I think. Zamorak said that he wouldn't join Focus Shift. We do have a Josh though...with the same Umbreon, Oddessa. o.O
Ooooh, is that why he's been inactive for the past month? Oookay, at least he didn't die or something. Unless his parents murdered him...
Stupid Zamorak -.-' Yeah, I VMed him earlier... he didn't VM me back. Probably tired of Miharu and I being annoying? Yeah... Arceus help those we team up against(like Skymin when we needed Plague approved?).
We... do...? Okay... I should probably go read the other SUs...?

@[Insert all dos gibberish symbols here] - Yeah, get workin' on it! We need to Shift our Focuses to a new RP. :D
Well... we probably can't get those two(so we won't have a love triangle/Kellyn murdering us...) so... let's go pester some other peoples! YOU WITH ME MY PARTNER IN CRIME*coughMiharucough*?!?!
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