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Originally Posted by Niriate View Post
Ichiro asked me the same thing. Just to clear things up, I'm not Zamorak or related to him in any way.

When I signed up, I looked at the available Catalysts, saw Mightyena still open and picked that one, after that I looked at the introduction 'dream' and picked a fitting name + trainer combo.

That's all.
I know you're not Zamorak. XD Zamorak is currently using "Zamorak" as his username.

Last time, we had like five thousand Umbreons: Kris, Josh, Raike, Watchman(?). Harley had Zoroak. Anthony had Mightyena. Miharu (me) had Espeon. xD

Not sure why I just list that. o.O

Oh, by the way, changing something in my SU. Nothing much, just stating that she's a very neutral person and she really doesn't like to have an opinion on things and if she does have one, she'll bury it deep down and never state it unless necessary.
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