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Kerin felt a wind rush by him as Raike ran ahead and had his shot at Ryuu, laying into him as much as he could. Kerin watched, making sure the tree Marisa was in was behind him and safe, whilst Ryuu was in front and in his sights. He despised this kind of attitude, this way of thinking by people. The way the strong preyed on the innocent. The way the tall made the small make sure they knew how small the world saw them to be. Kerin himself had never been the victim of this kind of bullying, but his siblings were. Many a time, Frederick had come home, missing money or a textbook or another pair of glasses. Kerin had always sort with bullies the same way; a good beating. It usually worked, but it never stopped them.

Ryuu, now emerged from whatever Raike had done to him, stepped forward and beckoned Kerin forward. He didn't run at the demon, nor did he take on some kind of karate stance and do some weird ass move. Raike had given him enough time to calm down a little, to focus on the main thing at hand here; how much of an ass Ryuu was and how much that Marisa meant to Kerin. He stepped forward, keeping enough distance between him and Marisa that he could keep Ryuu from getting to her and shouted at him.

"Why do you insist on pissing people off? Are you trying to make enemies out of everyone?"
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