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I woke up and groaned a bit. Sudden knockouts were painful, just so everybody knew. I got up quickly, letting myself take in my odd surroundings. Computer code... right... game. Crud. Felt like I had just been smelling the alcohol from the wine tasting my parents went to. I hate that headache. My fingers run across my hair and I freeze. Holy seven layers of heck my hair was straight. I hadn't had straight hair in a long time, not since the straightener broke. I don't use the things too often though. Still... hooray! I had headphones.

It clicked in my head that I was taking on the appearance of my avatar. That made me pause in admiring the slightly well-done game graphics and look around. THere was an odd device on my arm. Ooh, bulky. I examined the various screen tabs and looked at the Pokemon. Ooh... I had a Riolu! Awesome dude. I clicked it and a Pokeball appeared, prompting me to release it. The Riolu peered up at me and made a sound akin to a bark. I smiled a little and opened my arms, prompting it to tackle me. Oh this was going to be Sadie all over again wasn't it? Well I signed up for this...

I saw there were a couple of others already awake and shook my head a little, standing up with my Riolu. I examined its stats then saw a name box appear. Pausing for barely a second, I typed in Coryn. Yes, I named it Coryn.
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