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@SupahNinja, since he can script with XSE without using A-Map, and all he needs is to know the offset (namely, $169595):

Cathar, while you're on XSE, go to File -> Open... and select your Fire Red ROM. Open it, and then go to an empty white box where on its left it says 'offset'. Add 169595 on that offset and press the button next to it (shows two tools making an 'X' mark). That's the 'decompile' button. Voila! The script is here! Make your necessary changes and then hit the compile button (which seems like two gears colliding). Script compiled and ready to test!

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its ok, so do you know how to do what im talking about?
You need to fix the screw-ups yourself. Edit the sprite a bit, make the outlines clear.
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