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ok the club is already known by much

but ill make some suggestions here

1. Fix the spelling/grammar of the rules, but keep the first line as a club meme.
2. Eliminate rule #2 ("The only thing you have to do to join this club is garauntee youll hunt for shinies.")
3. Introduce the owner class woah, are we creating capitalism? (this has already been done in practice, but just needs to be formalized).
4. Eliminate the Paroled Members and New Members classes.
5. Strikes will be given for infractions. Three strikes result in a 6-month ban; a fourth results in a permaban. Strikes expire after 30 days.
6. Eliminate sig requirements.
7. Promote SkinnyGreenMan to Founder status - he was a pretty big part of coming up with the idea for the club and was one of the members who carried the club through its infancy.
8. Promote Latios Master to Co-Owner and demote Yami_Zidane and Lady Demoonica Darkmoon (again, this has already happened) with the understanding that they'll be given back their positions if/when they return.
9. Replace the members list with an auto-updating link:
10. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. Getting possession of the first post is possible, and now we're just waiting for a mod to be kind enough to do it.
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