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Leon Nef- Verona Italy

Leon sat in the single room apartment he was residing, three of his acquaintances sat with him. They were all apart of the same borgata, a sort of small gang. Leon usually never made it a habit of his to associate openly with criminals, but ever since he had discovered his powers, and the Atlanteans became a common name among people, he had abandoned what little respect he had left for the law. He knew where this was going. He would witness as people like him would get oppressed and oppressed, until it was outright discrimination. Not if he could help it.

So he decided it was time for a change in lifestyle. Before, he stole to survive, barely making it by. When the strange tattoo appeared across his face, and he discovered his powers, he not only stole to survive, but made a little extra along the way. Why not? Might as well make full use of his techniques. The extra attention was unnecessary, but Leon was fortunate to have legally changed his name a long time ago, and often uses fake names all the time, even among these borgata. To them, he was just uomo, or man. The local police know of him, and are looking for him to slip up one time before arresting him, looking for Leon to mess up one time, one false move, one mistake. Leon enjoyed the challenge. But then came the announcement on TV.

“…a large explosion occurring in Berlin, Germany today, thought to be the work of Atlanteans has rushed a bill through the United Nations calling for all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Centre in all capital cities. The Atlantean Royal Family, lacking to presence of leader Blayze Nalaar, has today agreed with the UN authorities to support their decision and were the first to register. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment.”

Oh, wonderful, Leon thought to himself, the police are gonna have a blast with this.

It was all the convincing Leon needed to get out of here. He might as well register. He wasn't looking to get arrested for doing nothing, after all. If they were going to detain him, he'd prefer it if he actually did something. The other three looked at him, knowing what would happen next. They took turns saying goodbyes. Leon wouldn't admit it out in the open, but he had grown rather fond of them. He still teased them all the time, but they finally understood what he meant by it.

After they said their goodbyes to each other, Leon left the city. He made up his mind to never return there. He had stayed too long anyways, going away from the real reason he left home in the first place. The police made searches for him in the coming days, but eventually, they gave up on ever tracking him, and finally, Verona was quiet once again.

Leon meanwhile had made his way out of Italy. He first considered registering in Rome, but decided ultimately if he was leaving Verona, he was leaving Italy completely. He decided to head for the registry center in Bern, Switzerland instead. It was new, and Leon wanted to go somewhere different. Money wasn't an issue with him at this point. He had stolen so much while in Italy, he could afford enough transportation and food to last a lifetime. Still, in case local authorities were on the look-out (which he very much doubted), Leon laid low as he traveled. He went back to his original fake name, Leon Nef now, as there was no way people would be able to track him anyways.

Bern, Switzerland

Upon arriving in Bern, he proceeded in due time to the registry center. A long line is what he was met with, people of supposed Atlantean decent trying to register themselves. Leon was actually quite surprised with how many were actually there. He had no real idea how many there were. Behind another guy around his age, he waited as the line slowly moved towards the front. The other guy in front, obviously bored, turned to face Leon, who looked over at the turned face. He smiled. Leon smiled weakly back.

Eventually, the line made it's way to him in front. Leon proceeded in, where he was stuck with a needle. Leon didn't resist. He assumed it was standard procedure. The doctor there then spoke to him.

"Name?" He asked, without lifting his face.

"Leon Nef." Leon replied coolly.

"And what if your abiltiy, Mr. Nef?" He asked.

Leon paused for a while. He wondered what he should tell him. He was presented now with an opportunity to take advantage of the registry system. If he were to tell them the full extent of his power, they would know upon sight who he was, and what he could do. However, if he told them a different story, he could potentially save his skin in future situations, as well as maintain an element of surprise. The doctor now lifted his face to observe Leon, who finally gave a reply. He sent a very small electrical shock to a nearby lamp which was lit, a shock so tiny, that the doctor probably didn't even see it, and caused it to turn off all of a sudden.

"I can turn on and off lamps without a switch by just pointing to them." Leon said, smiling at the doctor. The doctor wrote that down, eying Leon suspiciously. A few more questions were asked to Leon, who answered them to his preference. He was soon registered....kind of. But he was registered how HE wanted to. Now, if anything too dicey came up, he would have one major thing: the element of surprise.

And he knew if would be useful. As he was handed a slip of paper, and directed into more rooms, he sat there, a half smile on his face as he waited triumphantly for the next part of the registry to happen.

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