Thread: [Gen V] Which Team Works Better?
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Quote originally posted by PokeTerra2011:
@Choice Band
-Stone Edge
-Dragon Claw
If you plan to play competitively, Garchomp is in the Uber tier. You can play in that tier if you want to play Garchomp, but then the rest of your team is outclassed.

Quote originally posted by PokeTerra2011:
@Life Orb
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
Quote originally posted by PokeTerra2011:
I was thinking about switching Salamence and Dragonite because Dragonite has Multiscale which would increase his bulk even more and I EV trained Dragonite more in special attack than Salamence.
This depends on what Salamence's EVs are. Salamence has higher SpA than Dragonite. If you are willing though, I suggest breeding them for Physical versions as both have higher Atk stats than SpA stats.