Thread: [Gen V] Which Team Works Better?
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Generally I'd probably pick the first team;

Since you want a special Samurott, personally I think scald > surf and hydro pump can stand alone, mainly because of scald having a burn chance and if you use it over and over with the specs, it's bound to eventually burn something.

Either way, boltbeam Starmie (or any other boltbeam user or even ice/water in general, since water types often carry ice beam) is generally going to hurt your team, while I see you have grass knot on certain Pokemon, I think to be able to take rain-based teams and risk keeping Infernape in, you could make use of a grass type, considering this is wifi, you could use ferrothorn, which works well with sand teams.

But! Personally I'd replace Samurott/Electivire, there's a lot more Pokemon that can fill those roles better, such as Vaporeon and Rotom-W, but really it's up to you and whether you think you can somehow take the harder-to-take water Pokemon. :x