Thread: [Gen V] Which Team Works Better?
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Originally Posted by PokeTerra2011 View Post
It's weird becuz on Smogon, the MixNite sets for 5th Gen Dragonite have him using Life Orb for damage which is counterproductive to Multiscale in my opinion. I really just want Dragonite to be a mixed attacker. Like for example, he can throw off a Draco meteor and u'll think he's special then he hits u with outrage. I'm curious if the revised team I mentioned including starmie is a pretty good set up (so I know if I should breed/EV train Starmie/Scizor or not).
Well from your earlier posts I figured your purpose of Dragonite > Salamence was for Multiscale. :x Shouldn't you effectively go with MixMence in that case then - since more power?

Either way I can't see any issues straight off the bat but maybe someone else will.

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