Thread: [Gen V] Which Team Works Better?
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Quote originally posted by PokeTerra2011:
It's weird becuz on Smogon, the MixNite sets for 5th Gen Dragonite have him using Life Orb for damage which is counterproductive to Multiscale in my opinion. I really just want Dragonite to be a mixed attacker. Like for example, he can throw off a Draco meteor and u'll think he's special then he hits u with outrage. I'm curious if the revised team I mentioned including starmie is a pretty good set up (so I know if I should breed/EV train Starmie/Scizor or not).
Well from your earlier posts I figured your purpose of Dragonite > Salamence was for Multiscale. :x Shouldn't you effectively go with MixMence in that case then - since more power?

Either way I can't see any issues straight off the bat but maybe someone else will.
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