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Dear Anonymous,

Who am I? Am I doing these things for my own purpose or for another purpose? Do I really know what I want in anything? I think I do, yet I don't know why. I want to figure out why - and if circumstances were different, whether the things I'd wish for would be different. Is it appropriate? I dunno, I never really saw any of that as a thing to think about. Then again, things change, and although some things are known, some things are some-days, it's like yeah sometimes there's other things. The fact that I enjoy that in general would probably imply it's for my own purposes, but there's still something there, is it from that desire to be normal or at least not completely different? To be unique, yet be normal, when really it never was. It wasn't everyone, it was only just a few, but I don't mind, I don't really care if things are different now or if they aren't, because for me personally I feel like it's a better time. I knew that the other stuff would happen, though, because it was expected. It's not that I am concerned by that, since again, that has dominated so I don't really... care. As for now it's all long term, which is where my mind is at. How long will that be sustained? How long will a purpose remain? Those questions, yeah, they've always been there even from the start, but now it's like... will the seemingly impossible happen, if so when, and how? In my mind it's sorta heading that way which is okay BUT what if it doesn't, what if neither does? Not giving up, despite those doubts!

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