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Dear anonymous,

I get that we've both changed, but I feel you've changed more than I. I miss when you didn't put on an act in front of the friends you have. You've always told me I was one of the few people you could be yourself around, and I felt the same way. But, we're drifting. It's been months. Do you miss me like I miss you?

Dear anonymous,

Yeah, I've gone into a loner stage where I wouldn't interact with you for a while. I get that you could be angry. I get that you could be feeling a multitude of things. But it still is disheartening for you to ignore my efforts. I've screwed up, but aren't we friends? Aren't we supposed to forgive each other?

Dear anonymous,

You're not a bad person. In fact, I'm happy you tried to help me. But praying for me made me feel awkward, not saved.

Dear anonymous people,

I understand I was new to your group. I understand I probably looked awkward or stuck up. But for God's sake, could you at least not act like I don't belong? It'd make things much easier.