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Initializing date, standby.

"Welcome, Aquataris" said a voice,
"Aquataris? Awesome!" Aquataris shouted


"Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy" Suddenly he appeared into a room where he didn't have time to look around before a sudden force, sent his face into the floor.


Aquataris woke, sitting up, he felt a weight on his arm.
He looked at it, it looked like a controller of some sort, he looked around with Yellow names bobbing above their head, the yellow must mean their status.
He tapped the blank screen, nothing, just sparks coming of and an occasional buzzing noise,
He looked up, Oak! he was talking about busting viruses or something,
"I can't speak for them, but I'll do it," Nideous said quietly.
"Count me in, too" Alason said, there was something strange about his name tag, it was blue.
"I'm in!" Aquataris stood up.

He remember the games he plays on the Ultimate Nintendo Game Station 443, or U-NGS443, As a Starter for his Pokémon PurePearl Remake he had a Piplup. Pokémon games were popular now, Sony X-treme interactive Gamer 615, SXIG615 was the new Sony Gaming. Windows had merged with Linux to make Opticule, because Windows was dying.

Sigma Ultra
A Science Fiction Roleplay GMed by SYDAXARO220 and I
a superhero roleplay
Alex Forestveil
art by Churaka

Behold the High King Of Vryheid! Come to my region, claim the Dragon's Maw and rule in this land of a barbaric Pokemon Mediaeval Roleplay Region of Vryheid!
"A destiny crossed and shared is a destiny combined. Lifes that meet and care about each other never truly seperate."- Aura Rift
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