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boy, this place doesnt get a lot of traffic, does it?

just about 20 minutes ago, a new shiny appeared to me. unfortunately its not the one of the two that i was hoping for (Oddish or Abra), but i dont care!! I had just gotten home from work at 6:30, sat down and started reading the Nintendo Power that had come in the mail and started encountering. about the time i had finished the magazine (id say around 7:30 or so), Kakuna shined for me! was not expecting that! unfortunately, no i didnt count the encounters again.....wish i had, but it took about three days to show (didnt encounter for a few days). let's try some pictures:

Edit: Excellent, now i can provide pictures. now i shall post my past successes:

as of this post, all six of these shinies, which also include Mankey and Unown D, have been transferred to Soulsilver, where they wait a second transfer to White at some point in the future. Now i take up my hunt of Charmander in Leafgreen that i left off of a while back and when i get him/her, use a team that i was gonna use in Sapphire until the battery ran dry
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