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Michael Cale - London, England

Michael's head spun when the girl he had been talking to followed him up to meet the lady whom had called their names. "Oakley North. That's me." she said smiling at Michael, the coincidence was just too big. Yeah, the last name was common enough, but there couldn’t have been more than a handful of Oakley North’s in the world, let alone one or two in England. The last he had heard of his sister was that she had gone to a French private school, and that was several years ago. She should still be there in France, but then again he had left his father in Heathrow Airport, would she have really left to be with him? The girl standing next to him looked nothing like Michael’s father, which he guessed was a good thing, and she seemed to look a little too young to be the same age as his sister, yet the coincidence of it was too big to miss. What if this was his sister and he didn’t take the opportunity before it went? Then again, he hadn’t talked to her in many years, and he doubted that she would even remember him.

Then it clicked, “I have a brother called Michael…” she had talked about him as if he was still around, as if they never parted, she had said she still had a brother, and not being in contact as long as they had been, Michael doubted that she would still consider him alive. “But what if…” he thought to himself.

Slowly piecing the words in his head making sure that he was able to be understood, he spoke a small sentence in French, “vous avez étudié dans le sud de la France?” If she answered the question with the answer Michael was anticipating, then he was in for something he was not prepared for. It would be too much of a coincidence for her to be his sister if she had studied in Southern France.

He considered not telling her if she answered, just to keep things simple, but this was his chance to be reunited if it was truly her. It had been far too long since they had last made contact and the feelings of protectiveness that he had felt for her those many years ago had been eating Michael from the inside out; how he hadn’t been able to protect her since leaving. It also saddened him, the thought that this could all just be one big coincidence and that the girl beside him was not his sister at all. He hoped to the Universe, the deity he had heard the Atlantean Royal Family “pray” to before on TV, that it was her.
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