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Don't own any Advance Game Have been trying to find one cheap but yet not to succed. Although I have borrowed both Ruby and Sapphire from a friend, but to be honest, I think I need some time to enjoy theese games to the fullest. It's a weak 4/5 atm - but I must challenge the Elite Four before I say something.

Anyways, the team:
Pokémon Sapphire

Breloom lv.38
- Mega Drain
- Sky Uppercut
- Mach Punch
- Leech Seed

The Powerhouse of the team. Man I love this guy and he's superb typing (atleast in my opinion) Grass/Fighting. Means alot to team.

Skarmory lv.37
- Air Cutter
- Steel Wing
- Swift
- Fly

Had been planing to only use Gen 3 Pokémon's, but chose this over Altaria. Mostly useful cause he can take a hit and he has Fly, which is really nice to use in-game (for moving around ofc).

Sceptile lv.37
- Leaf Blade
- Pursuit
- Absorb
- Quick Attack

Blaziken is ugly and I didn't feel for Swampert, so, here is Sceptile, one of the all-time coolest Pokémon. Although in this team, he's a bit overshadowed by Breloom. Needs better moves too...

Linoone lv.35
- Surf
- Cut
- Strength
- Rock Smash

Best in-game Poké? Nah, but really useful. Pick Up ability and this moveset does nothing in battle's, but to advance in the game, yes please.

Sharpedo lv.34
- Dive
- Slash
- Waterfall
- Crunch

Also super-cool, but a bit of a HM-slave. Always loved him.

And thats about it, need a last member of the squad! I was thinking of like Flygon, but I hate training (that's why I haven't challenged the Elite Four yet, need some grinding).

Maybe try to find a link-cable (the one from GBC should work right?) to take something from my brothers Ruby (he plays Silver now anyways).

He has Tentacruel, Aggron, Shiftry, Flygon, Blaziken, Linoone. Maybe the Blaziken?

When can we return to Kanto?
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