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Well the thing is, I've tried that already. I'm not misinterpreting the rules. Half the time the mods seem a little unsure and whey they are sure its something unconventional to my OP and has to be modified specifically to the rules in that sections likings liking so that certain sentences are to their own liking. Whos liking? The Moderators liking, now I am not entirely sure what the guidelines of a moderator does like what they look for or is it something they see in a sentence that makes their own head flash red?

Now I'll admit I've had 2 threads locked and one moved. I've read the rules and I tried my best to word them properly. However you guys have to go and change what the words mean for whatever reason. Challenge doesn't mean to challenge someone it has to do with playing through a game solo, mono-type etc. Hell right now I can send you the thread I proposed to the mod who apparently has to approve of my post. I have to save my posts in notepad before posting encase of it getting locked because I made a mistake. I thank the fellow who moved my one of my threads.

I have to wait now for this mod to approve of the thread I made. This isn't the first time I am posting. I was in fact told by a mod from another section to post my thread there. So that is what I am doing. I miss when these forums were simple to post in... I could have posted this way back in 2008 in the section I original posted in today...

Even the moderator of the challenges posted in that section way back when for challenges.


Then heres my thread.


Three years too late.

I have the revised version of the thread just encase it doesn't get approved. I don't really feel like typing it all over so I saved it in a notepad... That is what locked threads that make me really angry and frustrated and waiting for your thread to be approved by a moderator.

Can someone explain why there must be all these rules?! I've heard of rules that keep the forum in good health.

SPAM is not allowed. (3 pts / 3 mths)
Everybody is to respect other people on the board. (3 pts / 4 mths)
No "trolling". (3 pts / 4 mths)
Foul language is unacceptable. (3 pts / 4 mths)
Pornographic images must not be submitted anywhere on the community. (Ban - Permanent)
Posts must have at least 25 characters and 4 words. (2 pts / 2 wks)
Avoid double posting or consecutive posts. (3 pts / 2 mths)
Do not post in threads that have not been posted in for more than a month. (2 pts / 2 wks)
No unsolicited advertising. (Existing members: 2 pts / 1 mth, Joining to advertise: Ban - Permanent)
The PokéCommunity is not a platform to sell goods or services. (3 pts / 3 mths)
Illegal content may not be posted. (4 pts / 4 mths)

These make sense. Now sectional Rules, What I have the most problem with is how the Current Generation Pokémon Gaming is set up.

Here is my suggestion of how it should probably look like instead and probably more people would post, you do not know this since it hasn't been tried before. Change is hard to try and accept.

Black and White (DS)
Across the land of Unova, filled with 156 brand new Pokémon, a new generation awaits. Black and White are the new installments to mainstream Pokémon gaming. Offering new features such as the Dream World, these games are making a mark on the Pokémon world. Here is where you can discuss all things Black and White.

Subforums: in-game team help

Fourth Generation Games (DS)
Own Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, or have the long desired and hotly anticipated remakes to their original second generation counterparts, HeartGold and SoulSilver? Whichever game you've played or are interested in, use this forum to discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

Subforums: in-game team help

Here is what I would change;

Wifi Center
Having trouble completing your Pokédex? Looking for a certain Pokémon or have a rare one to offer? A forum for all of your Pokémon battling needs! The main forum is for getting your team rated by your fellow members. Want to get some friend-codes or meet new people to challenge and play against with come to the friend-code thread or make your own thread to organize a group of people to play with.

Subforums: Tournaments, Wifi Help, whatever else that is related to wifi that can have its own subforum.

This isn't a crazy and stupid idea I have here and it would fit very nicely and would clean up a lot of clutter on your forums page. I am not some crazy person either. This would be very conventional. Give it a try. I just feel that having a battle and trade section is a little too much. Wi-fi is a part of the fourth and fifth generation games so its current. Some people want to meet new online friends they can chat with.