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Michael Cale - London, England

"Oui! Parlez-vous français aussi?"

It took Michael a little bit to understand what she had just said, his French was quite rusty, not having used it in quite a long time. "Je parle..." he started, dredging up the words from the depths of his memory, "...seulement..." he inwardly berated himself for not keeping up with his French, he was stupid enough to ever think that he would never need to use it. "...un peu de français." he finished.

Michael was feeling really uncomfortable with speaking French, so he switched to English, "yeah, I only speak a little France...uh, I mean French," he winced at the obvious mistake he made, but his heart was pounding madly and his head swum with a million thoughts, all revolving around this younger girl here, the coincidence just too big now. Michael wanted so much to tell Oakley that he could possibly be her brother, but the time and setting wasn't quite appropriate and he was also scared that she might blow up, meeting your long lost brother wasn't a thing you did everyday, and who knew what power she had, he didn't want blood on his hands if she did explode, all in the vain attempt of meeting her.

He decided that he would tell her another day, sometime when it was appropriate and where there wouldn't be casualties, "and once I know her power," he thought to himself.

"Can you speak other languages than French and Spanish?" he asked her.

Jeremy Kyle - Birmingham, England

"And where exactly are we going?" Leon asked Jeremy, sounding not just confused, but also a tad angry. Jeremy knew enough about Leon to know that his power could probably kill Jeremy, and realising that this guys was as dangerous as a caged animal made Jeremy the slightest bit nervous.

"Into the light," he replied, pointing to the only light patch in the whole building that was only several steps away from them, "I know you are not supposed to, but this time is an exception."

Jeremy waved his hands in a 'get up' motion towards Leon, "trust me, you won't die if you walk into this light," he decided to add, hoping to make Leon less agitated. Jeremy lifted his shirt to show Leon his Atlantean Tattoo, his entire bone structure of ribs were lined by the same black mark that sat over top of Leon's face, except Jeremy's detailed his rib cage on his front and stretching around his back to his spine. The tattoo stopped at the base of his neck and shoulder blades, at its pinnacle, and went no lower than the top of his pelvis. "I'm Atlantean just like you," he said before smiling at Leon, walking over to stand in the light.
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