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This is entitled Responsible, enjoy!


The sky is grey, God's lost our trust,
which agonizing dreams are waiting for us?
The silence is staggering, for a rainy day,
the tree's confident color, just fades away.

The streets are empty, no soul out there,
but if I look deep inside, I don't care.
Everybody's fault for the world's state,
but nobody's fault for the world today.

And all the foremans, thy all lied,
I don't know anymore who's on my side.
Who's responsible for the pain out there?
People in war, because we won't dare?

And people in pain for no reason at all,
Shouldn't we listen to their dying call?
Gunshots surround us, bullets fly past,
How could death sneak up on us so fast?

And while God erases Heaven and its key,
while death surrounds, and absorbs me,
I seem to realize our destiny, the truth,
When everyone stands on the edge of the roof,

It may be us, who are responsible for the shame,
but it are us, who must build up world's face again.
Don't give up, don't let go,
World's faith rests upon us, and we all know.

Aaand, another one called Change. Criticisms are greatly appreciated. ^^
I'd had it up to here with chasing thrills
Guess I was done with choking down these pills
Tried to bottle it up tight, but still it spilled
I thought I was lost, thought I was broken
I'd be better off with the words not spoken
I believed life was better with eyes not open
So many times I'd been called no good, useless
Til you placed your hand in mine and said "use this"
At first I thought, could this be a dream, truth is
As you spoke, your smile broke through the dark
And your eyes were gleaming like two spot lights
The words you spoke made me feel it was alright
Even though words lie, I found trust in your eyes
For the first time, I'd begun to feel alive
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