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I'm looking at the American Red Cross's website right now under the eligibility criteria page and under the section for HIV/AIDS it says, among other things:

You should not give blood if you have AIDS or have ever had a positive HIV test, or if you have done something that puts you at risk for becoming infected with HIV.

You are at risk for getting infected if you:

* are a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even once, since 1977

* have had sexual contact in the past 12 months with anyone described above
So it doesn't outright say you can't, just that "you should not if you are at risk" which probably means the same thing and you'll be stopped if you try. Kinda makes you angry that they consider any gay male sex to put you at risk when HIV/AIDS is something anyone could have, but then they do list about a hundred things that can make you ineligible and I'm sure a lot of them are just as unreasonable.

Also, it mentions under the section on hormone replacement therapy:

Women on hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms and prevention of osteoporosis are eligible to donate.
The way it's worded makes me think that it won't accept anyone doing HRT unless they are someone like they mention. That's also quite sad, but I don't know enough about the process to know if it might actually affect your blood so I can't be sure if it's just more of the same or a valid reason.

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Oh hey, speaking of gays in games, doesn't Link wear his earring on the "gay" side in Ocarina of Time? (Or was it a different game? I know it was Link.)
Do people still believe/talk about the earring-on-the-gay-side idea? I haven't heard this in a long time.