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Hey Guys, after a long time stressing myself alone, I finally finished a the video I dreamed of. Using Gmod, I created a Pokemon Parody....a silly comedy to be specific. Unfortunately, I worked on the thing alone since I cannot get it online (cracked <_<)

It features My Favorite Charatcer "Coach", yes Coach from L4D Why? Simply because he looks and sounds funny....I love him! My friend and I developed a trend in which Coach's rival in any case will be always Chuck (Dead Rising 2) Pokemon too

I will be posting the link as it is done, but it will take is a 15 minute video, hope you really enjoy it. Creating a Gmod video like this one all alone is a pain, so I'd rather not let it go for nothing. And BTW....It contains Bad Language (you know coach ) Words such as....oh I'd rather not write down xD

EDIT: Ok I got the video up after struggling with the editor. Anyway, please note this is my first video and the concept is just STUPIDITY.

I always love to hear comments for improvement anyway here :