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Leon Nef- ???

The man pointed to the only light in the building, and spoke.

"Into the light." He said. "I know you are not supposed to, but this time is an exception."

Leon was skeptical, and for good reason. A strange man suddenly appears, and both of them are in some new area, and the man asks Leon to go to a light? Leon thought for a moment that maybe he was already dead. That he was killed in the registry building over there. Then he placed his hands on his head, feeling the pain still in it from the landing. No, he wasn't dead. The man reassured Leon once again.

"Trust me, you won't die if you walk into this light," And as he said this, he lifted up his shirt to reveal his side. It had a similar tattoo type as Leon's, although his stretched from his pelvis up to his neck, Leon's was from the side of his face to his shoulder. Still, there was no denying it. "I'm Atlantean just like you," he said, and walked over to stand in the light.

Leon looked back at the man, and stood up. He still didn't trust him, but he decided to go with him for now. Nodding, he approached the Atlantean, and the light.

"Alright." he said.

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