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Quote originally posted by Vampire://Krimm:
I really love the fact that you're using such different Overworlds :D They give the game a different feel. Also the trailer was great! I really loved the clip of the surfing on that huge Pokemon =3=
Well thanks for showing interest! :D We really appreciate people who look at our game and tell us what looks good--it reminds us why we continue to work on this...we want to make a game that everyone will enjoy. While we like seeing posts telling us what doesnt look good so we can fix it, I'm really happy your post was so positive. Perihelion Productions runs on positivity

Quote originally posted by ~JV~:
Really nice job on the trailer! I should make one for Uranium xD, maybe one day... My only concern are the pixelated backsprites, I know they are like that in B/W, but that's because of the animations etc, I just think that should be copied you know, it's my opinion.
I'd love to see a Uranium trailer, haha xD Thanks for the compliment on the trailer, we worked pretty hard on it (so hard that we kinda neglected the game itself--we should probably go back to working on it lol).

Well, i mean the backsprites are supposed to be copying a B/W style, but I'm not sure I see what you mean by pixellated--it is made of pixels. Unless you mean the fact that the pixels are doubled in size--that was a conscious decision we made. Yes, they're not animated, but we still think they look good. Thanks for your comment though

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