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Leon Nef- ???

Leon stood next to the man now, who looked up at the single light, and spoke.

"Here he is." He said, towards the light. Leon looked up at it, as if expecting to happen, and soon, something did occur. The light seemed to wink, and the warehouse was suddenly lit up by a row of lights. Leon looked around, a bit surprised by the size of the warehouse, which seemed to extend quite far. It was empty, aside from the man and Leon, until he saw another set of men come in from another door. There were three of them, one in the middle who was short and bald. He had the air of the man in charge. He made a small cough, which signaled the other man to do something.

"Oh right!" He said, and a second later, he was gone. Leon eyed over the new person here. The man spoke.

"Hello Leon. I'm glad you could have joined us here," he waved his hand around the room they stood in. "Have a seat," Leon looked him over and slowly sat down, still cautious, though, in case the man tried to pull anything.

"I represent the Syndicate, a group of people interested in, Leon. Though I am not a part of them, I do dealings with them, such dealings as having to babysit you Atlanteans."

Leon observed his words carefully. He knew about Leon, and Leon assumed he also knew about his real abilities as well. This meant one thing: This Syndicate, whatever it was, has been watching him. He also seemed to have a tone with Atlanteans. Leon assumed he wasn't one of them. In any case, Leon was silent as the man explained himself.

"You will be payed, quite generously too for someone like you teaming up with Jeremy here to do what myself or those higher up," he briefly looked at the ceiling, "wish of you."

"So what do you say... Atlantean?"

Leon, chuckled a little to himself, then spoke.

" offense, my main bald man, but I don't make it a habit to go into business with organization that I really don't know sh*t about. So, you either explain your motives, and who the hell are you some more, or I'm outta here."

Leon put up a strong front. He had to seem the part, after all. If this was an organization that was important, he can't accept it's offer based on this small explanation of it. He needed details to be a good negotiator. That was one of the first rules of business. Leon was a good arguer after, all.

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