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Hey Neo and Ricee, it's been awhile! It's nice to see some more familiar faces around Game Dev XD And thanks for the comments, they really do mean a lot. As for that offer there Riceeman.... /shot

And thanks for the support and help offers! Speaking of which, I've got an announcement! The talented WesleyFG has joined the NeoEras team! He'll be offering his assistance in the spriting department (since I am completely incapable of spriting)!

Tile Spriter and Misc.

Make sure and check out his deviantART page (linked above). Also, he's already begun contributing to the game o: Here's a preview of his work of the route divider buildings that are found all throughout the Outa Region:

Much like the Route Dividers in previous games, the ones in Outa act as a sort of rest place for Trainers. Although you can't heal your Pokemon in them, you do have access to vending machines as well as the chance to meet interesting NPCs. Some may drop hints about your journey, some might heal you, and others might be looking for a challenge!

And now for a Progress Update...

I've completed revamping the outdoor maps up to the First Gym~ Only a few building tiles are missing here and there but that will hopefully be taken care of shortly. Next up on my to-do list is to revamp all of the indoor maps, and after that I will move to revamping the old events I have.

While working on that, I'll hopefully have an update in the near future about NE's plot. I've been working on some of the details lately and I think you guys will like it xD To give you a hint, there really isn't a brigade of uniform costume wearers. I'm actually kind of excited xD

wall of text :D Sorry for rambling, I'm typing this out kind of late.