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I've never really been to Olympus.


Name: John Skylar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parent: Hermes

Appearance: John's skin is colored a light brown, as he is african american, but born in the United States. The skin's tan is pretty weird on the bottom of his arms, getting slightly darker as it is turned. He is moderately built and stands at about 5'10, being little tall for his age but has also has a slightly younger face, looking about 15, even though he is 16. There is evidence of his lack of sleep demostrated by the light bags under his bown eyes. He has short hair as most african americans do, neatly combed about 1 half inches tall.
He dresses quite expressively sometimes, and other times just a plain as everyone else. On a given day, he would wear a black fitted T-shirt with random grafitti styled words across the front and sometimes the back, mostly spelled out in yellow and gray colors. When it is cool out he will wear a white zipped up(or open) light hoodie, with the hood usually resting against his back. On the lower half of his body he wears half dark blue, half white slightly skinny jeans with blue lined designs runing along the white side. On his feet he wears black socks and white kicks.

When is a little too sunny, or he feels like it, or is just trying look epic, he will put on a pair of shades he keeps in his small adidas bag you would see hanging on a soccer players back holding his cleats. He keeps a few things he steals in this bag in a hidden flap. Only small things like wallets and such can fit in here.

Personality: John has a pretty intresting personality, which can change suddenly sometimes, and then maybe just stay the same way for some time. When walking on the street John will wear a pretty much neutural face that matches that of the ones walking past him. He had been gifted with overall theivery skills, and wasn't afraid to use them, often pickpocketing on the streets, and occasionally shoplifting when he sees something he likes. He rarely ever gets caught except in occasions where a friend is being blamed or charged for stealing something John actually did. This being said, he does show care for his friends and family, but other than that, everyone else he sees as people just waiting to lose their wallets, as the ability has become partially instinct for him.
John is cursed with curiosity, not really being able to leave something he doesn't know anything about alone for too long. He also has a slight touch of paranoia which shows itself rarely, but yet still remains. He is one of those smart but act oblivious types of people... around people, showing it really only when he is alone and thinking, or revealing things within his random reasoning. He is also able to sometimes get information out of people, just by beating around the bush, and hinting things. He sports a silly grin and holds up a thumbs up when trying to escape akward situations, or he might just walk away like nothing happened.

Ask demigod or maybe even a minor god, and they might tell you never to mess with Hermes or his kids. Like most of Hermes's kids, John also has a knack for revenge, and tends to take his grudges pretty seriously. He will steal from, prank, and set out a few traps for the person he is grudging with. He is usually levelheaded, but push him too far and he's not just going to sit there and take it.

History: John lived a normal middle class life in New York with his mother Maria Skylar, 2 brothers of which he was the eldest, and his father Eric Skylar. Since John was young, Eric had been there as his "father", but John was smart enough to tell that he and Eric looked nothing alike in hair style, eyes, and facial features. He did his best to ignore this obvious fact throughout his childhood but no matter what he did during conversations with him, he always ended up treating Eric quite coldly. John's brothers treated him like a normal older brother, annoying him sometimes, playing with him, and he treated them the same, contributing in their pranks and weird plans, and also covering for them when the situation called for it. Still, he could not help but notice once again the differences in their appearance and overall profile.

His social life was very healthy and he was accepted by most of his classmates as the weird kid, but didn't always get along so well with his teachers who were not too happy about the pens, pencils, and test answer sheets disappearing from their desks and file cabinets. He was always the most suspected person when things like this happened, but the teachers could never prove it and so he got off free most of the time. His social life also made a good cover up for his little black market that ran within the school, because no one would suspect the one with the high grades and large circle of friends, as the one who was secretly running a black market. There was one person though from preschool into high school that had made it his goal in life to try and make John's life miserable; Terrance Evergreen, a pretty short guy compared to me like 5'4, and he had some kind of problem with his legs, but the guy was also surprisingly strong, and annoying, and dangerous. By dangerous, I mean capable of busting John for minor things in my BM business, like a certain package that he intercepted and turned over to a teacher, or a conversation discussing a meeting place for an exchange he eavesdropped in, and then snitched.

Terrance and John clashed a couple of times during their youth in small physical fights and such, but those were nothing compared to what happened to John one day after a intense game of dodge ball, and most of the guys were already leaving the locker room, changed and ready to go home.(going into first person, since I seem to be doing it involuntarily anyway XD) I myself was ready, and shouldered my small Adidas bag and headed for the door but was stopped by a tall 6 foot beefy kid looking like he had taken 6 shots of steroids in the span of 30 seconds. I recognized him as one of Terrance's crew, the muscle of it, like I remembered, he didn't talk much but his punches hurt like someone had hurled a 20 at you. I tried to sidestep him, but once again he blocked my way, and this time his mouth curled into an ugly grin and his eyes looked as if he was starving, which was weird because we had just had lunch before gym but who was I to judge? By this time everyone had left the locker room, even Terrance had left but I didn't think he had realized that he had left one of his lackey's behind.

Before I could open my mouth to tell this guy to move out of my way, he pulled back his left arm, and swung at me largely with stunning speed. I ducked under his arm and stepped back a bit, surprised for a few seconds before I narrowed my eyes and threw my hands up.

"What the hell man?! I'm just trying to leave, and I didn't even do anything to you! Chi-" I was cut off as he swung at me again, and I sidestepped and strafed so I faced him again. "Look, fine if you want to fight then bring it!" I challenged him, getting into a fighting position and dodging as he swung again, this time ramming my elbow into the space right below his shoulder blades and then jumping back and rubbing my elbow. That had felt like I was hitting a brick wall, what the hell had this dude been eating? I was caught off guard as he swung and I dodged once more, but I guess he had figured out that patter because he tripped me as I ducked and I hit the ground hard. Recovering from my daze, I rolled away as the heel of his boot came down on the space my head had been and jumped up shaking the knee I had banged during my fall.

The fight was pretty one sided as the beefy kid was way stronger, and his body seemed to be made of steel, I on the other hand was smaller and weaker. There was something strange about this kid too, his teeth which were already yellow from neglected hygiene, seemed to be getting longer, and more jagged and crooked. His whole body looked like it was changing, but I didn't really have the time to be focusing on his changes, as I was doing my best to avoid his deadly swings. I got unlucky, and he caught me on my shoulder with a right hook. I gritted my teeth and banged against on of the lockers that stood against the walls and the kid seeing his chance, didn't charge, didn't run, but lunged at me, like crazy person. I stepped off of the lockers as he smashed into them, denting them badly but recovering like nothing had happened and glaring at me.

Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me, a familiar one, one I knew to belong to an annoying kid named Terrance. "Hey dumbass! Catch!" I didn't even hear the insult, but I caught the thing he threw at me, which looked like some kind of weird bronze staff. I turned to ask him what the hell it was but he had already vanished, and I stood there holding the staff he had thrown at me. I didn't have the time to admire the detail of it, as that insane muscle head had lunged at me again. I didn't know what else to do, so I held the top of the staff out and pointed it at him, hoping that it would do something to save my life, and it did as if a miracle had happened. The staff reacted to the speedily approaching airborne enemy, with the red eye's of the snake flashing and a long razor sharp blade protruded from the tip of the staff.

The blade cut through the giants neck as if it was butter and held it there while the guy disintegrated, or at least it looked like it, because his whole body was collapsing int dust. Soon there was nothing left of the kid except a pile of golden dust, and the staff had begun a weird process of melting down, and then it solidified on my right pointer and middle fingers in the form of two seperate rings resembling snakes curling around my fingers. With a shocked expression on my face, I grabbed my bag and bolted out of the locker room and out of the school. Around the corner I was stopped by none other than Terrance, who actually didn't try to pick a fight with me, and actually walked me home, explaining what had just happend to me, and the world I was now entering as a demigod.
(Going back to 3rd person)

When John and Terrance got home, Eric was still at work, and John's brothers were at a friends house, so Terrance took the opportunity to explain everything in more detail, even removing his jeans and fake feet to reinforce that this wasn't a joke of any kind on John. John's mother had apparently been keeping this secret for some time, and had been waiting for the right time to tell him. Still a bit shaken up about the whole thing, John allowed them to take him to Camp Half-blood without much trouble, and it was there that he was claimed by his father, Hermes and welcomed to the already overflowing Hermes Cabin as a permanent camper. He grew quickly in popularity, as he had in his old school and even started up another B.M. there, which he found much easier with the help of his other brothers with the same skills as he possesed.

Weapon: Bronze staff modeled after Hermes's caduceus with a hidden celestial bronze blade hidden within the staff, running the length of it. It also serves as a self defense mechanism, which is triggered when someone other than the rightful holder of the staff tries to grab it. The eyes of the snakes on the staff will flash red as a warning before a number of sharp celestial bronze blades stab out along the length of the staff. This mechanism can only be deactivated by a certain secret word created by the holder. In the form of a disguise, the staff is changed into two rings resembling snakes biting their own tails.

Others (anything else?): John has made friends with a Hawk he decided to name Sypher. Due to obvious reasons, the hawk doesn't come to visit John when he is in highly populated areas, or even moderately populated unless extreemly urgent. This bird seems to also have a knack for freeing people of their valubles, such as necklaces or watches, something it can easily pluck from your person. Sypher can sometimes be a bit leniant, and might share the things he steals with John, but in situations where he would be sighted, he would normally just drop the object from the air and John would catch it and place it in his bag quickly, acting like nothing happened.

History is complete, awaiting judgement.
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