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EEp! Sorry guys! PC has really been a pain today, and it wouldn't let me on :\ don't know if it was doing that to everyone, or just to me, so I haven't been able to post this. :3 Wha! Do I really have to say Olympus? Cuz I can't come up with cool sentences like all the others did

Anyway, here ya go dudes. I think it's an O.K SU, but well, that's for y'all to decide. If anything needs to be fixed, if anything is incorrect, or if anything is forgotten, let me know and I can fix it *salutes* And a note, for the weapon, I was really at a loss for what to I just did the only thing i could think of

Name: Mallory "May-May" Miller

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Parent: Demeter

Appearance: Mallory has naturally curly, light brown hair, generally kept loose, falling around her face. Though she has a tendency to push it back away from her eye, and even pulling it into a loose ponytail when she lies, a nervous habit of hers. Her hair falls barely to below her shoulders, and is often always pulled in front of the shoulders, covering her face. Her eyes are brown as well, only slightly darker than that of her hair, and are always seemingly hidden behind it. She has skin the color of a peach, and her skin is very sensitive, often any kind of contact can easily bother her. She is often seen wearing a pair of thin, blue glasses, worn because her eye sight to see distant areas is not too great. Her clothing is generally comprised of whites and browns, as she feels those are the most calming colors. In most cases, she wears a plain, white tank top with a brown denim jacket to cover her shoulders. Along with this, she wears a pair of white, denim shorts, and white, knee-high socks with brown slip-on shoes. Mallory is also commonly seen wearing a charm bracelet given to her by her step-brother. The bracelet has seven small, green marble-like charms around it, connecting to a heart surrounded by thorns. Next to the charm closest to the heart on the right, is a small key. It is very rare for her to remove this, and is very protective over it.

Personality: Mallory is a very modest, and truthful person. She is very open minded to the people around her, and usually tries not to make a judgement on someone by the first impression. This, though, is sometimes difficult for her, because she is also rather impulsive. Her mind works at an exceedingly fast rate, and sometimes, she forms a conclusion on someone before she knows all the facts needed to make an informed judgement. She doesn't always realize that she has done such a thing until she analysis her behavior towards that person, as her mind doesn't often wander back towards events from the past. Mallory is a constant worker at her school's green house. She goes there during her free period, and often stays late after school to take care of, or to just watch the plants. She always wanted a pet growing up, but her father claimed that having an animal in the house would just be too much work for the two of them to do alone. Though, she would secretly take in stray animals, making sure they were in good health before searching for a home for them.

History: Mallory spent the first five years of her life living only with her father. She never really remembered her mother, and anytime she brought her up to her father, he would only describe her personality. When she asked for a picture or a description, he often brushed it off, turning to a new subject. After a few tries of asking, Mallory got the hint and stopped pestering her father about it, not wanting to push a wrong button. On her first day of Kindergarten, Mallory was given a 'buddy' by the teacher. This person would be the person they worked with on everything for the rest of the year. Mallory's buddy was Dante Carson, a loud, black haired, blue eyed child who did everything he could to pick on her. Through-out her Kindergarten year, Dante often spent the days after school with Mallory and her father at her house, and gave her the nickname May-May. He claimed that his mother worked a lot during the day, and he usually spent his time with a nanny. This worked up until the end of the year, where his mom found out he had been staying there, and burst into their house to take him home. Despite the fact that Dante and Mallory thought they're play time was over, Dante's mother often brought him over to their house over the course of the next three years.

By the time Mallory and Dante were nearly ten years old, their parents informed them that they were getting married, making Dante and Mallory siblings. After that, Dante lost a lot of his playful nature with Mallory, and started treating her like a little sister, even though he was only a few months older. A year later, their parents got married. Upon entering Middle School, Mallory was often the center of many cruel jokes. She excelled in her Science classes, far beyond many of the other students, yet she struggled with all of her other classes. Dante often stood up for her, and even went as far as to make sure he was in the same classes as her. He tutored her in all of her other subjects, and even though she still wasn't great, she managed to pass the classes at the end of the year. In their last year of Middle School, Dante's mother died due to an accident that occurred while driving. Both he and Mallory were devastated by this, and to make it worse, Dante's aunt was demanding that he come to live with her, not seeing that Mallory's home was fit for him anymore. After much arguing, Dante was eventually forced to go live with her, but before doing so, left Mallory a charm bracelet, and told her that if she ever needed him, she could call.

Mallory entered high school alone, and though she was teased even worse now than she had been, she just went on through it. She then started spending a lot of time at the Green House her school had made. She loved being there, around the plants, the small creatures, it just seemed peaceful to her. When the green house started to have difficulties, Mallory spent a large portion of her extra time to try to fix it, but one night while she was home, she became aware of a storm that was coming through. Her green house would be destroyed. She wasn't sure what she was going to do, or what she could do, but she ran to the green house. Shortly after she got there, the storm started to hit hard, and while in the green house, one of the trees near it collapsed.

When she woke up, she wasn't sure where she was. She could see the many cuts that were on her body, and she could see the person who was helping her. She never asked for the name, for she couldn't find the strength to speak. She did try several times to ask question such as where she was, and what had happened, but every time, she found that her voice wouldn't come out. So the person that was helping her just handed her a pen and a piece of paper, so she could form her questions. It was explained that she was in Camp Halfblood, a place for Demigods, Children of the Greek gods. She didn't understand, and tried to protest at first, but was also informed of her mother, Demeter, one of these gods. When this person's personality description of her mother matched what her father use to say, she easily fell into belief with it. She wanted to see her mother, and she asked if she was there, but the answer was no, and that she couldn't right now. She was devastated that she now knew of her mother, but was no closer to seeing her than she had been all along.

After that point, it was still hard for her to speak. She had regained her ability to speak, but her voice was very weak, as was the rest of her body. The accident at the green house had caused quite a bit of damage to her. Her vocal chord was damaged, and any sense of touch startled her. She wasn't very fond of working with others, but if they needed her help, she would if she could.

Weapon: A stake she made from part of a tree, not long after entering the camp.

Other: Nothing
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