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Another way to describe a person is by inserting description into the narration so it's not out-of-place. For example:
He shrugged at everyone, a small smile on his face and his eyes hidden under his blond fringe.
The description of the character's hair doesn't hit the reader as it would of if I had just said "He has blond hair."

Another piece of advice I can give is to only describe what's important about the character in the story. If your character's hat is important to him and is a part of his characterization/history, then mention his hat often and describe it more than his pants because his pants aren't important to know details about. That way, you don't really have to know the full details of what your character looks like (if you're not a visual thinker) because the reader can just fill in the rest if need be and remember what's important.

I hope this helps or makes sense!
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