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Originally Posted by xelarator View Post
Ok, then do you think this is a good description of someone?

" A young, fourteen year old boy about 5'5 that wears a dark green shirt, leather jeans, a red scarf, and a large blue beanie..."
I know I'm ninja'd already but anyway! Eh, not particularly, unless the fact he's wearing those clothes is important to the story which in most cases I assume is not the case. If you really want to describe clothes then as said you'd want to do it one at a time in narration, not all at once in a listy manner (so not 'he wore this, that and this', like you have there - how Deadrocks has it for instance fits the pacing and narration of the story better. Basically you don't want to interrupt the story to tell us facts, but try to weave them into the story so we get the description without noticing or thinking 'okay, he's just describing him now'). Furthermore the thing about 5'5 isn't very important either - his exact height isn't something I will commit to memory as a reader and as I usually go by cm rather than feet/inches for measuring it means even less to me.
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