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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
I'd like to spend 10 points on a Dark Green Chao pleaseee ^^ <3

Has anyone played Sonic The Hedgehog PS3? That game was hilariously bad xD Every 2 minuets is a cut scene that takes 5 times longer to load than the cutscene itself. xD Game play itself was pretty fun though. ^^

Sure! Would you like to give a name to your chao?

Although I've played that, I barely remember it. It's like it erased itself from my memory. :P

Quote originally posted by Yoshi-san:
I've been playing Green Hill Zone, City Escape and surprisingly Rooftop Run over and over as of late.
I just love Rooftop Run level as Modern Sonic, even though I've never played Unleashed. However, I still play it as Classic Sonic though.

Rumor time, Sonic Generation DLC, possible? Apparently, Casino Night Zone is possibly making a return soon.

I've been replaying stages over again too! I really wish that the pre-order DLC will become available in the near future. CZN has great music~

Quote originally posted by assassinjay1229:
So I figured i'm long overdue for a post in here

Here is some of my horrible artwork


Since I still don't have Sonic Generations, I thought of a new topic because of it.
What Sonic Games have you not played, but would like too?

for me that would be of course Sonic Generations, and the only other sonic game i've never played Sonic CD

I'd like to adopt a black Chao, dont have a name for him yet though lol

one last thng I noticed atleast one Sonic game has come out every year since '91, neat huh?

Nice art! I like the Sonic Sez joke. :P

Alright, and yeah, I'm sure one of the reasons why Sonic is still around because Sega does release at least one Sonic game a year.

What Sonic Games have you not played, but would like too?
I'd love to play Sonic Rush Adventure since I enjoyed the first Rush. I'd also like to play the M&S London Olympics game since Sega remixed Flying Battery, Crazy Gadget, etc.