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Quote originally posted by Daedalus:
Like I've said over MSN, this looks awesome and I can't wait to play it. Your interface design skills are showing as well. :P

Thanks :P

Quote originally posted by Minezumi:
Like I said on msn, sux.

loljk, you know it rocks bro. Keep it up Max.

Thanks broseph.

Quote originally posted by DaSpirit:
Looks interesting. Can you go inside houses and interact with objects?

Hm. Never thought of that. We'll see ;D

Quote originally posted by tImE:
When I get to play this, my life will be complete.

If you for any reason stop developing this game, I will throw sandwiches at you Max.
LOTS of sandwiches.

Now, keep working on this awesome game!

Well.. I do like sandwiches, so I don't see that being a total loss.

Quote originally posted by Ratty524:
I liking the style concept of this game. The sprites look somewhat of the cutesy style of Adventure Time, but the story is pretty much dark.

Overall, this looks highly promising. Good luck with the development.

Um.. thanks! :D

Quote originally posted by ツタージャ:
Wow, didn't posted for a long time.
Looks cool!

Thank you.

Quote originally posted by flamemaster:
your really good at this sort of thing max. seriously, it seems like everyone got the game making skills besides me. anyway, keep it up, cant wait to play it and see more.

Just takes practice my friend.

Quote originally posted by Neo-Dragon:
This is a very neat looking game. The stylised look to it is very memorable. I'm sure I'll always be in the survival mode lol. I can really see myself spending hours in that mode ha.

I think your design work is great. Nothing looks out of place. The tiles go great with the overworld and the UI fits perfect with the style.

I know this is in the early stages, so I want to wish you luck ;)

Thanks, Neo.

Much like Spherical Ice said, we're working pretty hard on getting some actual gameplay screenshots out soon. Hopefully even a little video on what's been coded so far. :P

Team Members wanted!

Yep! We're currently looking for another coder, and a composer. I'm sure Haroun doesn't like coding all by himself, so if you know how to code, or know someone that does, send me a PM. \o/