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I made this 2 years ago, and that I remade it in my deviantART account. But since I'm too lazy to type it, I copy and pasted it:
Link to the real one:

A 12 year old boy named Bob. At May 27th, 2009. He talks in a geeky voice, he is boring, he is super annoying, and he gets constantly bullied. At lunch, his friend got sick and went home. But when he got his food, he tried finding a place to sit. He then went to a table, where his main rival(he forgot he is), Beck, and his friends are there.

"Hey Beck, can I sit there?" Bob asked.
Beck was talking, then he looked at Bob, having a blank face expression.
"Seriously, can I sit here?"
Beck's friends stared at Bob.
"Uhhhh..... I don't know....." Beck said.
Bob then left."Okayyy......... freaks."

Beck is really mad. All the things Bob did that really annoyed and ticked him off. He then plotted revenge for this.

"Ok guys, about "bobo"(Bob), we should tell him to go to the park."
"Why?" one of Beck's friends say.
"We should beat him up, put him in a sack, and on Monday, we should humiliate him to the whole school!"
"Yeah, I think that this chatternerd should really get beaten up." said another one of Beck's friends.
" At 3:00, we would bring him to the park, me and him. When I say "Hey Bob, I got something for you!", when he asked, that's when you attack him."
Everyone then starts to like it and then laughs about what they will do to Bob.

3 hours later, Bob and Beck head to the park.
"Hey Bob, I got something for you!" Beck said.
"What, is it from the Digimon Frontier franchise?" Bob answered.
"No, but it's something really fantastic. Wait here, I'm getting it."

Beck then ran to his house, bring his friends, they were hiding. Beck then came.

"Bob, here is the surprise."
Bob was happy, until he got hit by a baseball bat.
"Hey what gives?" Bob whines.
They choked Bob, broke his arms and legs, slammed his face to the wall, and punched him in the stomach.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob screamed in pain.
They then used a stun gun, and he passed out.

"Let's use the sack, tie his arms and legs, and make his scream when he wakes up." Beck laughed.
They then threw him to the sack, tied the sack, and then they came to the school and put him there.

Three days later, 2 girls were talking about Justin Bieber. Then they saw the sack.
"Hey, there's something in the sack!" said the blonde girl.
"Do you think that we should open it?" said the brunette.
They then nodded, and when they tried opening it, it squirmed, and they ran and told everyone about it.
Bob came out, crying, and he was tied, while he stinks badly.
"Ohhhhhhhhh......" Bob is very sick.
People then laughed about how he is bullied badly. But his best friend is crying about how he was being bullied.
Everyone then told people on Youtube, and recorded this. Then Bob tried getting his arms and legs about of the rope, but he failed.

Everyone then left, except Beck, his friends, and Bob's best friend, Derek.
Derek then untied Bob, and Bob ran away, crying, Beck felt bad. How can someone try to do this? Derek went to look for him.
Beck and the others laugh.
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