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Originally Posted by Blazing Flare View Post
Interesting hack, I haven't played yet but the screenies and trainer designs caught my eye, especially the female.
Also found interesting that the starters were picked from different
gens and they are all pure types (a big rarity nowadays)
so in the end the hack manages to interestingly mix novelty and
old school features, which is nice.
Thanks, hopefully by this time next week, you'd have had a chance to experience it first hand.

Originally Posted by GengarFreak View Post
I just started the game seems interesting! although in the first town when you enter the grassy area i spoke to the guy and he just repeated the words qaf quaf or something and it froze -.-!

Originally Posted by Ssj3 Pikachu View Post
Looks good to me :D i will want to try this. i like the name of the reigion :D
Thank you. I really like the region name too. Hopefully you'll try it soon.

Originally Posted by bobvs View Post
Ok... im stuck in the City with the G/S/HG/SS park. Wen the next version will came out?
Read on down.

Originally Posted by payne26 View Post
keep us updated the story sounds awesome
Your wish is my command.

Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
A very good work man! I really like your hacking style. I like that you connect the basic style of fire red, with the new things from DPP.
Expecialy the world's very nice
Thank you! I'm a fan of your style as well!

I don't even know where to begin. Sorry for not releasing the Beta as promised. In reality I all but forgot about this when college started back up. But I have good news for those who liked this: Shattered Dreams is back in full effect. Unlike my previous hacks, I didn't delete this when I stopped working on it. This means I have all the work done and all I have to do is one last bug test before putting out the beta.
I know you're wondering, when will that be? And "How can we believe you'll put it out this time?". The answer is simple: It'll be out in a couple days. Definitely before the 22nd [as that is when the first Mystery Gift is intended to start]. But just to make sure people know I'm really still working on this, I've included screenshots! But first some notes:
  • The "Who You Gonna Call" mini-game has been omitted from the Beta. Hopefully it'll be in the next release.
  • This beta is more of an "Open-Beta". I am currently going through the hack now but I'm sure I'll miss things. I want everyone who plays to post bugs and issue, no matter how minor.
  • The beta will end on the 3rd floor of Ouija Temple. You will not meet the "Special Person" in this hack. Sorry.
  • Every house in Ouija Town is locked. They're simply not done.
  • There will be 3 Mystery Gifts in this beta. What are they? You'll see soon.
  • All the battlegrounds have been modified. Mainly recolored.
Now on to the screenshots. Credit to Pokepal17 and Manipulation for the Bank concept, as well as Kyledove and WesleyFG for, among other things, the Bank & ATM tiles.

Sorry for the delay, but better later than never! Leave some feedback please. I'd like to know what people would like to see in future releases and opinion on some of the ideas. If you have any Mystery Gift ideas, let me know; they'll probably make it into the next release. All in all: Expect a beta in a couple days.
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