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So here's my SU. Hope you like it!

Side: Gold Tribe

Name: Penance Malum

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Title: Defender

Pokemon Species: Golduck


Penace stands at 5'7" and weighs 167 lbs. He looks like any average golduck, having blue skin, red eyes, weebed feet and hands, as well as a red gem on his forehead that amplifies and helps control his psychic powers. Due to his years of constant swimming he is strong enough to swim through strong currents and even keep a constant pace when swimming in stormy waters. Thanks to his webbed hands and feet Penace can move twice as fast in water as he can on land and will use this ability to quickly circle his opponents or flee a battle if need be. Penace always wears a bracelet on his left wrist made of various colored rocks that he inherited from his mother as a good luck charm, it is only in rare circumstances that Penace will take it off, and even then for a short time.


Penace is a gentleman, even in battles. He has a tendency to be polite to any female he meets often opening doors for them, allowing them to lead during missions, and even letting female opponents make the first move. He is also very protective of females on his team and will defend them as best as he can, although this often prevents the one he is protecting to actually participate in the battle. He will never cuss or perform any activity with moral consequences such as drinking alcohol and often loses respect for those who take delight in performing such immoral acts. Penace's psychic powers allow him to talk telepathically with anyone within range of his powers, however Penace has a great respect for privacy so he will never intentionally invade another's mind unless he has been given permission beforehand, and even then he will keep his message short and brief. Despite his natural charm and politeness Penace has a obsession with his mother's charm bracelet believing that everything he has achieved in life has been due to the bracelet and if he misplaces it he will often tear apart wherever he is (and tear through whoever is in the way) in an attempt to find it as he believes that without it he is nothing.


Pre-Gold Tribe

As a psyduck Penance had constant headaches, some which would palgue him for days before being released as pent up psychic energy. His mother was the only one to comfort him since his father was constantly busy working within the alpha alliance and under her guidance he learned the morals he practices today such never cursing and treating women with respect. None of this bothered Penance until one day his mother contracted an illness. The doctors tried to save his mother's life, but only managed to prolong her life for three more days. It was during these days that Panance's mother gave her son her charm bracelet telling him that as long as he wore it she would always be with him. His father had, of course, been absent during his mother's death and while Penace had assured him many times that there was nothing he could have done his father began spending his hard earned cash on Penace in an attempt to right his wrong. His mother's death affected Penace more than he knew as his ideology shifted from simply being respectful toward woman to making sure that a woman was protected at all times.

Penance by this time was 10 and was placed in the care of a couple his father knew. By the time he turned 11 Penance had evolved into a golduck and found a job working as a assistant to a swimming instructor in Eternity City. His job consisted of helping non-water pokemon learn how to swim, and he was good at it, no doubt due to the luck in his charm bracelet. He only worked there for 3 years when he suddenly lost his charm bracelet. The golduck went on a rampage tossing furniture and anything else in his way all around the facility searching for the last reminder of his mother. He eventually found his bracelet but with all the damage he caused to the facility he was fired and so he set out to find another job.

Gold Tribe

While visiting his father in Gold City Penance noticed that there was a chase involving two people chasing after a thief. Without hesitation Penance used his psychic powers to catch the thief. Recruiters from the H.A.S. noticed this display and invited Penance to their school. With his dad's encouragement Penace accepted the invitation. After a year of schooling Pennance was faced with an ethical dilemna. Many of the girls he was classmates were enraged with the golduck, claiming that he was too protective and often completedcombat training with little to no help from his female partners since it was 'too dangerous for them'. Penance had to take a discrimination course at the request of his instructor, only for the instructor to learn that Penance was not discriminating against women. Oddly enough he only wanted to protect his classmates. Passing the course with flying colors Penance was able to continue his education, however some of his female classmates didn't think the golduck had learned his lesson and one night managed to steal his charm bracelet.

The next day Penance spent three hours searching though his room as well as other places in the school for his bracelet, even enlisting fellow classmates to help. When he didn't find it Penance fell into a state of depression. For the next two days his grades plumeted and his combat training session ended up with the golduck having every single attack he threw miss the opponent and every attack the opponent performed, even those with very low accuracy scores, hit him dead on. Many of his classmates couldn't believe that one of the top students couldn't so much as hit a snorlax with a water gun, literally. After those two wretched days Penance found his charm in his room and rose out of his depressed state and began to once again excel in his education. After three years of schooling the golduck went on to apply for a position in the Gold Tribe and succeded thanks to his mastery over pyschic and water type moves... as well as his charm bracelet.


Penace had only been with the Gold Tribe for a few weeks when the Silver Tribe invaded. Despite Penace and his fellow brothers and sisters fighting their best against the former Gold Tribe members a retreat was called and Penance fled the city with his remaing brothers and sisters. As luck would have it one of the Gold Tribe members fighting in the battle had been Zane Tyrael who led the few remaining gold tribe members and Penance into the forest to plan what to do next. Penace's hope now is to stop the Silver Tribe and maybe even find his father, if he's still alive.

Moveset: Confusion, Disable, Water Pulse, Psych Up, Screech.

RP Sample:

Jonathan was tired. Tired of his small workload, tired of always sitting in his chair, and tired of this small town. When he had first arrived he had thought that his business would have attracted at least some attention. He had looked up businesses in the area and had seen that there were only a handful of detective agencies scattered throughout Pallet. Most were family businesses, none had seen what he had seen back in Vermilion. Apparently they didn't need to in order to work down here.

For the first few days Jon exptected at least one person to come in to hire him to follow a cheating husband or a lying co-worker. None had. Oh, there had been one or two in the first few weeks, but most of the time he simply got some innocent young woman to hire him in order to find a purse that had been 'stolen' while she had been at the bathroom, and every single time he found it under a table, or in the bathroom, or even in her car.

Don't get Jon wrong, he needed the money, especially if they overpayed him for putting him on a wild goose chase, but it had been far less then what he had been making in Vermilion. He didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Jon had just been about to pack up and head elsewhere but then a murder investigation opened up and Jon had eagerly contacted the police to give his own two cents. What had suprised him was that the police gave him a time and date to meet with their Chief, Melody Johnson. Back in Vermillion, meeting with a chief meant that the force was out of options to solve a crime, he hoped it meant differently here.

Thus, that was why Jon now stood outside of the station in his trademark black suit. Sighing, Jon stepped inside and went over to the information desk, stating his name and why he was here. The woman at the desk had gladly told him where to go and after a few minutes of transversing hallways and backtracking when he had taken a wrong turn he arrived at the briefing room.

There was only one table with a few chairs placed around it and at the head of the table sat a woman drinking a cup of coffee while looking at some pictures. She must be the chief, Jon thought. He walked over to her and held out his hand for a handshake, "Hello Ma'am. My name is Jonathan Hughes one of the detectives assigned to the murder case." He said in a respectful, but still firm voice.

Edit 1: I Have to get going to class so I'll finish this up later.

Edit 2: Okay, lengthened Penance's history and tweaked his personality a bit. Tell me if I need to lengthen it more.
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