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Originally Posted by dudedude1 View Post
Glad to see this is finally up but its gonna be hard to create new inis for programs xD Also, will this ever be allowed to be used in public hacks? It be a shame if it couldn't. Keep up the good work Jambo!
Ah, sorry. I forgot to include the INI with the file. I'll add it now.
The reason I'm not allowing hacks to be released based on this is because it's an ALPHA. It's buggy and I know it is. The whole point of releasing a public alpha is so we can find the bugs and fix them.

Once it hits what I will call "Beta" stage, people will be free to make hacks based on the patch.

Originally Posted by Wiznatts View Post
I was hoping to have gotten the sheets for the Gen 4 Pokemon done before you released this to the public. Looks like I was a couple days late. I have good looking fronts for almost every Gen 4 'mon (I just need to make 3 Rotom Formes and recolor the Arceus sprites). Excluding Formes, I just need to make 13 more backs (28 with them), so I should be able to have those out by the end of the weekend I think. I hadn't intended to include gender differences, but adding those should be pretty easy if you want me to.
It's only the first alpha. We're a long way from being finished. So don't rush yourself too much. Ideally, more for the gen 5 Pokémon, we do kinda need the male/female sprites. Anyway, point is, don't rush yourself.
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