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Pokemon Flora Sky seems too unfinished to be Hack of the Year as it has unedited texts, and reused characters especially with Frontier Brain Cailtin being Gym Leader and Elite Four Caitlin being Palace Maven and they're the same person. Pokemon Light Platinum has repetitive texts and the Pokemon used by trainers are also repetitive such as the overuse of Purugly.

I think it should be either Pokemon Snakewood or Life of Guardians since their both in better quality. Pokemon Snakewood has zombies, zombiemons, Battlezombies, and the fun Deadly Seven. While RD: LOG has a storyline that allows you to be bad and both are Ruby ROM Hacks, I'm hoping Snakewood wins with its original whimsicallity.
Pokemon WARPED: Fixed Beta 3, to be available when I ask permission from Magneto20 or the other guy to fix it. Farfetch'd! Septo Conquest Deluxe is on hold until WARPED is finished to be more awesoming.
Pokemon Light Platinum X will be coming soon after CycloneGU makes a fixed version of the current release.
Also coming soon is Pokemon Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Also to be known as the Pokemon Seasons, Pokemon Summer and Winter coming soon first!