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- Episode 1 -

- Prologue -
In the birth cry of the cosmos
The twin eyes awake
Above us they shine
The world made safe for our sake

The forests they flourish
The towers grow high
The four lights shine down
Chaos withers and dies

But Imbalance grows
This is our doom
The tower breaks the sky
Here come the dragon to bring it down

- Story -
In the center of the world lies the human kingdom of Radiata. People throughout the land sing of it's glory.

Sharing the world with the humans are the fairy creatures. Dwarves, elves, goblins and others all lead their different lives.

Although they are not exactly friends, humans and nonhumans live side-by-side in harmoy.

In one small village, a young boy called Jack lives together with his sister. Dreaming of becoming a great knight like his father before him, he sets out one day to try out for the famous Royal Radiata Knight.

- Episode 2 -

Glad I was able to get another one up today!