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Quote originally posted by Mr Cat Dog:
But that means I have to take an interest in things... and I hate taking an interest in things. Apathy FTW! :D

Quote originally posted by Ooka:
That's because once they try, they become regulars Nica. ;)

Quote originally posted by Live_Wire466:
That's the beauty of it. Luck has always been a huge part of the game, no matter how many attempts Smogon makes to try to eliminate it, it's not Pokemon without the hax - the lucky crit or flinch here and there, etc. You can't win them all, no matter how good a player is. It's like a built in handicap to give everyone at least a minimum shot. It's part of the game.
Except Focus Miss/Stone Miss, aka if the server hates you that they they keep missing :3

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
On the topic of hax, it's partly strategy making them happen. Eg choosing to use scald over the more powerful surf because you want the burn chance. Or choosing thunder over thunderbolt because you don't mind the risk of extra power. However that strategy side of it does wear out when it comes down to critical hits and 10% effects since most of the time these aren't actually intended to happen but leave a huge impact on the foe...
Pfft no, Thunder = reserved for rain, I don't think anyone uses Thunder outside of rain, afaik, knowing how common rain is in the metagame. :x And technically if they do, they're taking too much of a risk imo!

Quote originally posted by Nashton:
And then also moves like metronome and assist. I have a clafable that pulled of dark void twice back-to-back then used shadow force. i was stunned. then she would pull of moves like tail whip and wrap... the hax goes both ways
Pretty sure nobody uses those seriously competitively :x
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