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The first post has been updated!! Welcome to the 21st century 2011, post 1!!!!!!! It's been over 5 years, but we now have updated rules, regulations, and shareholders. Buy stock in SHC!! :cer_boogie:

The "Initiate Golden Age" button would definitely help people buy in, but the button is grayed out. Apparently, we can't press it when there are 4 posts per week. :/

Quote originally posted by Chr. Draco:
found a weird shiny, the trap pokemon stunfisk

Quote originally posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE:
A quick technique I would use if I didn't have anything else would to be to catch a Magnemite/Magneton and use Thunder Wave & Sonicboom on them. Set damage and a status. My favorite has always been at least a Sleep move, and False Swipe if I have it but that's hard to come by in 3rd Gen. The aforementioned can get it done though.
Haha, I won't do a bit of damage to any shiny at all! I'm always terrified that I'll faint it, so I just throw balls from the first move, "lol." I don't think I've ever actually used a move on a shiny other than a Sleep-inducer!

Quote originally posted by andrei0310:
Hello i was wondering if i can join the Shiny Hunters Club i lovve shinies and i found this club
AWESOMe so can i join?
Sure! We merged the new thread with the original club, so you're already a member! Glad to have you back!
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