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Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
Game name has now been changed to Pokémon: Homeward Bound, to appeal to both sex's... The option to be a guy or a girl has now been re-added, the only reason I removed the choice was to separate this from other games, nevertheless, why would a guy want to play a girl, right?
I actually read a thread recently about that. Interesting stuff. You'd be surprised how many do (and the reasons are generally legitimate as well. there's just a few weird ones). Anyways, the new title is definitely a bit more descriptive of what the game is about. It also breaks away from the traditional Pokemon [insert color here] naming convention, though I personally wasn't against Pink version. It (pink) had to happen sooner or later right?
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
Thanks haha! I do believe the hardest part to making a game is release to the public, in any case, this is what I have done and was hoping for criticism, instead, got private messages asking how I did things and would I like an eventer to create me events that no other game has got... Moving on... It's nice to get recommendations (that's a big word haha).
I like using big words sometimes. It eliminates the inherent dryness found in communication when relying too much on standard vocabulary. It also reduces how quickly I forget items of my vocabulary (I still forget many of them eventually though, and end up having to Google them to remind myself what they mean). About the PM thing, maybe people were embarrassed to express an interest in Pokemon Pink? Haha, hopefully that's not the case.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
I understand this, but, B/W graphics are awful and there are no completed HG/SS tilesets anywhere :(.
I kind of find each generation appealing in its own way. Don't think I've ever hated the graphics. I mean, should I hate apples because I like oranges? No. Apples are fine too. As are bananas, grapes, pears, and other fruits that escape my memory. Oh and lemons. I like lemons. They're all good (both the graphics and the fruits, I mean). They're just different. From the 8-bit 2D black and white generic sprites to the colorful psuedo-3D graphics of the newer games. This is part of why I suggested perhaps touching up gen 3 tiles if you desired. Rather than just resizing (which would mess up the 32x32 size limitation), it has to a be a calculated effort. Some tiles just need to be taller, but not wider. Others wider, but not taller. You can use gen 4 tiles as an example to see how doors and houses or whatever should be sized, then modify gen 3 tiles to those dimensions (or thereabout), but correct the lighting as well (and maybe add your own unique take on the pallets). You can mitigate some of the awkwardness this way.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
I have tried making menus in the past, none of which have ever worked, i can get all sorts of things to work, but menus, are a no go for me, i would need hella help (although, those tutorials you are helping me with, i'm playing around with)
I kind of enjoy doing menus (sometimes), so I can help you out here. If you can provide me with a general design, and what content should be included, I can probably whip something up. And comment the code to death so you can see how it works.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
I'm getting an idea of what you mean, but, i'm a little weary, because, I have no story line characters thus far, most NPC's are there to make the world look "busy", "occupied" and/or "populated"... A little more info on this would be useful.
Sometimes it helps to just kind of throw some ideas out there (even if they're garbage) and sort them out until you find things that sound good. I've had several ideas for projects, so I write them out in txt files and come back to them later. Sometimes I read them and wonder if I knew how stupid it sounded when I wrote it, but other times I dig up old ideas that work well in a newer project. So yeah, just kind of toss some idea into txt files and pick and choose the good ones (sometimes reviewing bad ideas help you think of good ones). It's a start at least.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
This I thought of, this is why, I have only added a few little things to the game, nothing to big nothing to special, I believe some sort of realism is the way to go, I'm not one for saying I appreciate being ambushed every 10 steps by a biker using poison moves going down a 3 route area with no center half way :(.
This is what you call artificial difficulty. And frustration. The kind of thing you don't want to do when trying to make a game appropriately challenging for a player. Things like over-leveled enemies, or enemies with artificially boosted stats or unbalanced abilities with the same generic AI as weaker ones also fall under that category. You should make sure to avoid artificial difficulty wherever you can (though it may have a place if used sparingly).
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
Gym battles work ;), I like what i've done, but many people will find it unfair or stupid or something, sometimes you got to plan your battles instead of flying in all guns blazing... There are many NPC's in the first few towns and routes that 'S' and 'D' are applicable to, I think maybe you spoke to the few in Viridian City, most of them battle later in the game, like after badge 1 haha... Try using it against Viridian Forest NPC's or Pallet Town or Pewter City or Route 02.
I like flying in all guns blazing. But I like strategy games too, so I'm not disappointed by this.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
I think the longest conversation you have is during the choosing Pokémon stage, should I remove most of this?
Not necessarily. As long as the material is generally meaningful or even entertaining, then it's alright. I'd wait until you make more substantial plot progress though, as it's often hard to see things as they are when analyzing them too much. It's more effective to come back to it after doing something else for a while, so you can re-evaluate it without bias.
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
I have successfully re-added male hero and starters account, you can now have different starters depending on gender, more manly ones for you tough guys out there haha! (men and their ego's haha).
Gender profiling anyone? I kid. Sounds good to me. (and is ego really just a guy thing? oh well. it can make a life that feels worthless into one that feels worthwhile, so it justifies itself in my opinion).
Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
As for the starter selection, I have gone with a more type choice, and all starters will be of normal type, thus having one weakness, one non-effective, making it a good type to begin with being as it can't get over powered too easy, i.e. Grass, Weak against, Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug and Poison... Fire, Weak against, Ground, Rock and Water... Water, Weak against, Grass and Electric... Grass has a big disadvantage in battle as opposed to the others.
That's actually a pretty good idea. It makes the game balanced. It's not uncommon for players to pick a starter with a better type advantage against certain trainers (like the e4 or gym leaders), so this will prevent that.

Looks like you're on the right track. If I get the time, I'll go back to doing some tiling and/or spriting. I did some tiles and sprites for an 8-bit game of mine (that's still in (possibly infinite) development), so I have at least some graphical ability. I'll help you out if that time comes. Also, even if you can't find a complete tileset in a style you already prefer, you may be able to use what's there and just add pieces as needed (or ask someone to make those pieces for you. like me, but only if I have time). Just some food for thought.
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