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Originally Posted by JakeTheSancho View Post
My Neo Soul Silver is not patching correctly. It just creates the 0 KB folder. What am I missing?
If I need a GBAtemp, is there anywhere else I can get one? Those links on the site don't work :/
Yeah, sorry about that. I noticed that, too. My computer recently died and I HAD to get everything back. Anyways, I guess that's a mistake from my side. Uhhah, I don't know why it doesn't work. It worked when I first made it on my old computer.

Here's a different link for ya: (Neo Soulsilver Only)

Oh, I guess should point this out. You might noticed your game freezing at the questionnaire part at goldenrod city. Or if you talk to Whitney, while she's still inside the Raido Tower. My bad, this is because the script change I did, obviously! To fix this just replace my script narc with game's original script narc (I think it goes a/0/1/2...I dunno, I halfta to get another PPRE to be sure)

Anyways, if that's too hard for ya, use a regular soulsilver rom. Rename it whatever you've named the patched rom and play it out through the script of the original rom. After that, resume playing with patched rom, you shouldn't encounter anymore problem...hopefully.

That was the only changed I made to the scripts. I THINK I know what I did wrong there, tho; it has something to do with Whitney's event being triggered after the questionnaire's final yes or no answser. -yadda, yadda, yadda-
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