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Quote originally posted by Pokemon Master N:
WOW!!! This game looks sweet! And I love the plot, with Mewtwo searching for Arceus! :o

Thanks :D

Quote originally posted by fallkitten:
Wow. It's awersome*__* I like Kanto region. Features are amazing! I likr the idea about pokemon sounds/voices from the anime. Never thought that it's possible to do. I want to listen XD pika pika^___^ How many pokemon will be in the game? Good luck with your project, I hope you'll finish it

I'll rip the sounds from the anime myself mostly.
And there will be the original 151 plus evo's.

Update 19-11-2011:

Working on Vermillion City, some screenies tommorow :D


Quote originally posted by (null):
Quote originally posted by khkramer:

I'm actually using Red's sprite from HGSS now.
Couldn't find it when i made the screenshots

Are you going to edit out the excess shading under his hat and adjust his eyes? It looks goofy seeing him playable with the shadow over his eyes.

Also, wow, I like what you've done with Brock, two Pokemon was pathetic for any gym leader.

Yes im going to edit his sprite.
And wth whould anyone use 2 geodudes :D[/SIZE]


MMO. New thread coming soon.