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Quote originally posted by giradialkia:
Generally, this is looking quite nice. I just hope you continue working on this, rather than showing us some really nice screens/videos, and abandoning it forever :D

The graphics are very different/non-Pokemonly, but in a good way (ie. they're working well). And aside from the errors and whatnot- I'm aware you've fixed them though- I'm sure the mapping will be very nice, as it seems fine already. Good work, keep it up! or I'll ban you
Haha, yeah, I do that sometimes...

Thanks but you can't ban me because I'll...I'll...hi.

Quote originally posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin:
Wow. this looks really great, just wondering why you get a level 25 Larvitar, eh I guess I'll find out eventually. Can't wait to play it! :)

Edit: WOW DERP. Should have read first lol.
Anyways I like the battle background thingy (lol) and that Starly sprite, looks so good :P

Quote originally posted by Teh Blazer:
A Spheal as a starter? But it has 3 evolutions (unless you're planning to add Mngnemite and Rhyhorn's extra evolution). Either add 'em, or replace it with Snorunt. I've always liked him :3
Don't be silly then it wouldn't be a type triangle.

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
Graphics look a lot better in-game. Sand/grass tiles especially though.

And that ledge there, you did add a script. Thank god.

Good luck keeping motivated.

Quote originally posted by Alignment:
Graphics looks great, probably the best aspect of this hack (as far as I can tell). I would suggest fixing up the clones and tile errors before you take those screenshots. That way, it'll look like you've put in a little more effort as well as add to the overall professionalism of the thread.
They have been fixed but it was late at night when the thread was posted, I'mma do it now.

No update yet, busy playing Shattered Dreams, but I started re-mapping that ugly town.
Also not sure if anybody noticed, but look at the types of the starters, then the types of the regi's.

Because it should've won HotY.
Frodo Baggins
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