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...lool I used really bad sets when starting out (so not really underrated), now I mostly stick to what Smogon does BUT probably the only thing I'm doing differently is using an Acrobatics Sand Veil Gliscor with Taunt on a non-sand team. It works so well because with Acrobatics people don't really expect Taunt, which is wonderful for Ferrothorn etc, and while they try to attack I get an SD up and depending on what it is, can generally kill easily (aka EQ for Ferro/Forry and boosted Acrobatics) and I use it with Sand Veil because with Taunt, Gliscor doesn't really get poisoned and nobody WOULD generally poison a Gliscor outside of sand, and the fact that sand is a common weather type, so it makes Gliscor all the more useful. :3 And due to Gliscor's speed and with Acrobatics it usually OHKO's often giving me a free kill for everything non-neutral to that.
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